Hi! I'm Ronnie Teja

founder and CEO of Branzio Watches, a successful eCommerce watch company


Ronnie Teja is a businessman, mentor, and entrepreneur.

Having left his home country of India at just 22, Ronnie built multiple businesses from the ground up before hitting 30. He is now a sought-after international figure in the world of eCommerce, as well as a public speaker, and startup advisor based in Vancouver, Canada, and occasionally Bangkok.

With a team of remote employees, fifteen websites to manage, and countless orders to fulfill, Ronnie lives a busy life of eCommerce and international travel. He now also provides advice to up-and-coming entrepreneurs through podcasts and public appearances.

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Ronnie's Success


Over the past years, I successfully built over 15 different eCommerce websites in different categories such as apparel, accessories, and even software.


I immigrated from India to Canada and today, I regularly travel around the world to network, meet new people, and learn from the best in business.


I am the proud founder and CEO of Branzio Watches, a successful eCommerce watch company.


I also manage 15 different websites, all from the comfort of my computer thanks to an amazing remote team with 75+ employees located all over the globe.


I have been invited to speak at public events like Affiliate World 2022, and interviewed by some of the most popular podcasts such as eCommerce Fuel, The Ecom Show, and more.

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If you're an entrepreneur with an eCommerce business, or you're thinking about starting one, I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me through my website or social media channels like Instagram,Twitter
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